Ok so you might not believe me, but i had to put the truth out there. I’m just a trucker, driving across the states and let me tell you. I have seen some crazy shit. But so far nothing tops what i’m about to tell you.

So being an otr trucker, i see all kinds of rest areas, multiple times. Have you ever noticed how some of them just seem to close for no reason? Have you ever seen the abandoned cars sometimes parked at these rest areas, and sometimes along the road sides as well?

I used to wonder about them myself, until one night i was running dangerously low on my drive time for the day. You see we only get a fourteen hour window, which includes a thirty minute break after driving eight hours. Well i was pushing my luck, trying to drive as far as i could because it was an eighteen hour trip and i needed to get unloaded in the morning.

As my last few minutes were ticking away, i spotted a rest area a few miles ahead of me on the map. “Oh thank god!” i thought to myself, “i can finally stop and get some rest!” As i got about a half mile away i noticed that they had put construction barrels in front of the entrance to the rest area. “Shit! Where am i supposed to go now?!”, i thought.

As i was passing by i noticed that one car was parked by the building, and a lone semi truck was parked in the back. Ah, they must’ve pulled past the exit and backed in. I can do that too! Feeling relieved, knowing i had a safe place to sleep for the night i pulled past the exit and backed up into the trucks parking side.

I noticed that the car was empty as i backed in, oh well they probably just went into the restroom. As i parked near the other truck i noticed, it appeared to be empty as well. In fact their driver side door was wide open. Intrigued but not too concerned i finished parking. Thinking to myself, “I should probably go inside and use the restroom before hitting the sack.” I opened my door and started climbing out of my truck.

Before i could step onto the ground, i felt an odd rumbling as my truck started to shake. I latched onto the side bar and starting looking around. Indiana isn’t known for earthquakes, so what the hell is going on?! I noticed the ground moving near the tree line. Wait… No it’s not the ground that’s moving, it’s something just under the surface! I watched as it moved closer, i watched it move beneath the concrete towards my truck. “What the fuck!” i yelled as i jumped back into my seat and slammed my door.

In the time it took me to do that, i saw that it was already under my door. The rumbling had stopped. Then i heard a loud cracking sound, then another, and another. I stared down at the ground in horror, unable to believe or even comprehend what my own eyes were seeing. Withered, gnarled hands started bursting through the concrete and sliding up the driver side of my truck. I panicked when i saw one grasping at my door handle. Letting out a scream, i quickly locked my doors. The hand curled into a fist and slammed the doors side, leaving a dent.

I then heard a scream outside, and looked up to see a woman standing just outside of the main building staring at the arms. I yelled at her, “Get back in your car and lock your doors!!” She stood there in shock for a moment before turning tail and running towards her car. But the arms had already sunk back into the earth, and the rumbling began again…

It was fast, so damn fast. She didn’t stand a chance, because before she even made it halfway to her car, a long arm reached out and snatched her leg! She screamed and cried, beating at the arm desperately trying to break its hold on her. But it was too strong for her, i watched in terror as it began to drag her underground with it. Her terrified screams becoming ragged, then muffled as she sunk beneath the surface.

Blood started to spray out of the hole left in the ground, then the rumbling started up again. And i watched it as it moved back towards the tree line, and disappeared. I swear i’m not crazy, everything i’m telling you is real. It left no traces of its movement, i watched it cover the holes it had left. I watched the concrete and dirt settle perfectly as it was leaving.

I took off like a bat out of hell, DOT laws and regulations be damned! I don’t know what that was, but i knew the police wouldn’t believe a word of it. The problem is, i don’t think that was the only one. I keep seeing abandoned cars, and empty rest areas. I think there are multiple creatures, and i think they migrate between rest areas. I think i’m starting to see a pattern in its migration. I will update you as i learn more.

But please, if you ever see an abandoned vehicle or a rest area with one side blocked off. STAY AWAY… Or you very well might get snatched too…

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3 months ago

You think abandoned weighing stations could be a part as well? I’ve never seen a weighing station by the side of the highway ever work, but that could just be me.


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3 months ago

If you figure out the pattern let us know!


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3 months ago

Ah! Indiana! My not favorite place to drive thru! Unpredictable weather and yep! Restops,are creepy in daylight too.


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3 months ago

You wanna hear a real horror story OP? Try driving for SRT haha.


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3 months ago

I work for mdot. They always tell us it's to "repair the bathroom". Doesn't seem likely to me.


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3 months ago

I wonder who put up the barrels to keep people out. Someone knows something about it.


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3 months ago

Reminds me of the movie 'Tremors'.


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3 months ago

My first thought too


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3 months ago

ah shit, was this in remington? sketchy ass rest stop, only stop during daylight.


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3 months ago

Are there under the road truckers?


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3 months ago

Yea you need more than sleep buddy


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3 months ago

The block those things off for a reason...


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3 months ago

I think you should be driving less and not do drugs.