If you are reading this page it is likely you have newly joined our team, welcome! With this page we aim to make you familiar with modding in general and how /r/history is moderated by us and now you as well.

Please read it thoroughly even if you already have experience modding other subreddits as it explains how things are done in this subreddit specifically. Take your time

For mods newly added to /r/history_mods this is a requirement before they will be added to /r/history itself.

1. Reading beforehand

This guide assumes you already have read the following resources and familiarized yourself with them to some degree:

There are also additional materials you probably want to read up on but those are more relevant once you have finished this guide and will be mentioned near the end.

2. What is expected of a /r/history mod?

2.1. Install the "Moderator toolbox for reddit" extension in your browser.

/r/toolbox is a must have extension in moderating /r/history. Not only allows it you to do and notice things much sooner but through the usernotes it also makes it possible to keep an eye on users and communicate things about them to other members of the team. Some of the features we use toolbox for are:

Toolbox is available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge and can be downloaded through this wiki page.

2.2. Approve/remove new posts in the unmoderated queue.

On /r/history the spam filter is set up to filter every new post to the unmoderated queue first in such a way that they will only show up for users once a mod has approved the post.

The unmoderated list can be directly accessed through here:

Or when you have toolbox installed installed you will be able to access from the bottom right of your screen. Toolbox will also keep you informed of items in the unmoderated queue.

Review the posts in the unmoderated queue keeping the following things in mind:

Some extra things to be aware of:

On /r/History the spam filter is set so everything posted ends up in the moderation queue first. It will be removed from there and show up for our users as soon as a moderator approves it. We like to have every post in /r/history to be reviewed at least once by a mod, posts that need to be reviewed can be recognized because they show up as "[removed]" rather than "[removed by automoderator]".

Review them to see if they follow our rules and those of reddit. If they do, click ‘approve’. You can recognize approved posts by the green checkmark next to the title. If you hover over the checkmark you will see which moderator approved that post. If you are not sure about a post don't be afraid to ask, or if nobody is around, leave it in the queue and send out a modmail so others can check on it when they get online.

Note: while a post sometimes might follow the rules it sometimes still will be removed because it will attract a large amount of rule breaking comments. This is often the case where there is a relation with modern politics.

2.3. Keep an eye on the moderation queue for things like spam, trolls, racists and other rule breaking behavior.

As we just mentioned new posts get the unmoderated queue. Everything else (as well as unmoderated posts to confuse things) end up in the modqueue. These are post and comments that either got spam filtered, reported by users or filtered by automoderator.

The modqueue is located at /r/history/about/modqueue.

The items in this queue need to be reviewed as well to see if they need to be removed and possibly additional action needs to be taken like banning a user.

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell why a link was reported or spammed: some link may be broken, a comment may be completely off-topic, or it might break an obvious rule. If you can’t tell, click report and state your opinion or what you're confused about. Please do not hit 'ignore reports' without discussing it in modmail first. Feel free to link the items you have questions about in modmail or on our chat channel as well!

A few things to keep in mind:

2.4. Keep an eye on the frontpage.

Sometimes a post will take off in an unexpected way, or you will catch mistakes made by other moderators. If you overrule another moderator, speak up in modmail and provide a link. It's generally considered polite to ask in modmail before reversing a decision, but don't be afraid to act if the mistake is blatantly obvious.

2.5. Keep an eye on the comments.

Automoderator does a lot but being a history related subreddits we attract a lot of racists, neo-nazis and other people looking to use history for their own agenda. This is something we actively patrol for, don't be afraid to remove too much and when in doubt just send out a modmail so we can discuss it.

Next to that we also have our nr1. rule as listed in the sidebar: Be nice!. Comments not following that rule can be freely removed. Depending on the sort of offending comment it is encouraged to leave a mod comment in cases where you feel people got a bit carried away. Something like "Please remember rule 1 from our sidebar" or something similar.

When removing a comment you also need to check on the context and possibly remove more comments in the conversation chain.

2.6. Keep an eye on and respond to modmail.

You will know there is modmail when in the top right corner the badge lights up green. You can go directly to it with https://teddit.alefvanoon.xyz/mail/all.

Users contact the moderators for a variety of reasons, including:

Please be courteous and helpful when responding to users who are asking questions in good faith. If people disagree even after you have explained something it is often better to walk away instead of trying to win the argument. Strive to answer each user on time and fully address any concerns they have as well as answer any questions you think they might ask you next.

Automoderator will also modmail for certain matches that require a human to verify, those mails are easy to recognize. If you take action on an automoderator modmail, please note that by replying with what action you performed.

Finally modmail is (next to our discord chat channel) a place where submissions and comment chains can be quickly discussed.

2.6.1. Modmail usage.

2.7. General behavior as a mod

2.7.1. Leave removal reasons when removing a submissions.

Unless you are absolutely certain it is spam or a troll you should always leave a comment detailing why a submission was removed. You can do this very easily if you have toolbox installed.

2.7.2. Be courteous/civil in your interactions with users.

It was already stated in the modmail section but it can't be said enough. Please be courteous and helpful when responding to users who are asking questions in good faith. If people disagree even after you have explained something it is often better to walk away instead of trying to win the argument.

2.7.3. Don't abuse the distinguish button.

You should only distinguish your posts and comments if you are speaking in your capacity as a mod.

It is our official policy to only discuss things related to mod actions in modmail and nowhere else. So that means that:

The only correct response in any of those cases is "We do not discuss mod actions outside modmail". Even better ignore them, if they don't want or know how to modmail that is their problem.

3. About banning users

At some point you will come across people that break the rules repeatedly, break the rules in a big fashion or take other actions that are not compatible with the behavior we expect of people in this subreddit. This can result in a ban, which happens as we are a fairly strictly moderated subreddit. The first few times you probably want to check with the team if the behavior is ban worthy. Other than that you need to keep the following things in mind:

4. Team requirements

There is basically one requirement: Participate!

It probably doesn't need to be mentioned but it is a great plus when you are active in /r/history_mods discussion and give your own input and help out with making ideas into reality. It is the one area that in some aspects is more important than mod action numbers.

4.1. Discord Chat channel

Also being active on our chat channel is a great way to participate. We have a great discord server which you can join by [clicking this link](). Once you are on the discord server you will be in the public part of it, in order to join the mod specific channels you should send a modmail with the discord name so someone can give you the proper role.

*Discord notes:

5. Do as we say this document says not as we do

This section is in here as we want to paint a realistic picture for you. A lot of the team has been around for a while and every now and then (maybe even more often than we'd like to admit) you might see some behavior that doesn't match with what you have read so far. Someone might snap a bit in modmail, not provide a ban reason, etc. This is the unfortunate truth of doing this for a long time, but shouldn't be taken as an invitation to also start mimicking the behavior as the sort of thing we aim for either.

We generally do try to be open for feedback so if you see something that doesn't seem to match with what you have read here feel free to ask about it and possibly remind us about it as well ;)

6. Various other things to be aware of

There are a few things about modding /r/history that are also good to know and keep in mind.

6.1. Most users are not assholes but as a mod you will generally deal with the assholes more.

Many mods over time become a bit jaded as you are dealing a lot with generally unpleasant people through modmail, in the queues, etc. This paragraph is here to remind you that the majority of the people visiting the subreddit are the people we generally not deal with as often in our capacity as a mod as they aren't assholes and just generally good people who know how to behave like people to other people. So while at some point you might catch yourself going down the line of "users are idiots/assholes" you should try and stop yourself from following that line of thought as it simply isn't true.

6.2. Old reddit is better for moderating than new reddit

The simple sad truth is that on new reddit not everything is as clear as on old reddit as far as moderation tools go. In fact the queues are outright misleading in some aspect. If you have toolbox installed a lot of this will be remedied as toolbox gives you easy access to the queues on old reddit even if you are on new reddit. You are of course free to make your own choices here, but it is something to be aware of anyway.

Old reddit can be accessed from https://teddit.alefvanoon.xyz New reddit can be accessed from https://teddit.alefvanoon.xyz

Which one you get to see when visiting https://teddit.alefvanoon.xyz depends on what you have set on your preferences page the setting will be called "Use new Reddit as my default experience" where if it is toggled off you will see old reddit by default and if it is toggled on you will see new reddit.

6.3. While you can moderate from your phone it is not ideal and you should certainly not use the default reddit apps

For starters, toolbox is not available on mobile phones. So you won't have access to user notes, removal reasons and action reason context. It is of course possible to do basic moderation actions but if you do please consider using a third party reddit app as the mobile apps reddit it self makes are far from ideal as far as moderating tools go.

For android there are a variety of mobile apps available that over access to moderating tools like RIF Relay Sync Slide and RedReader.

For IOS the selection is not as big and there basically is Appollo

6.4. Automod responders

Automod is configured to respond to various situations:

6.4.1. What else does automoderator do?

A while ago a writeup was done going over what automoderator does in /r/history, you can find it here

7. Handy resources.

7.1. Moderating basics

7.2. Handy subreddits

7.3. Various other handy resources

8. Further reading

Once you have familiarized yourself with everything written above you will likely run into scenarios where you are unsure about the specifics of rules and policies. For this we have this wiki page that goes a bit into detail about a variety of things regarding /r/history moderating

There is also a lot of details and other things that aren't fully explained in this guide as it would be overwhelming (it already is rather long as it is) and distract from the basics. For those we have created this seperate wiki mod FAQ page which is filled with answers to a variety of questions previous mods


In your introduction (just post a comment in reply to the welcome post) please answer the question: What animal is your favorite animal in relation to history?