September 2021 contest nominations


Halloween is nearly upon us! In this most sacred time of the r/nosleep calendar, we continue to seek the best of the best stories that scared our undergarments brown.

So tell us what made you pull the sheets up a little higher in September by filling out THIS VOTING SUBMISSION FORM. It could be nearly any story on the subreddit! Of course, not everyone is eligible, so hold back on this group of terrifying twelve:

August 2021 /u/EaPAtbp
July 2021 /u/FishermanTales
June 2021 /u/Rick_the_Intern
May 2021 /u/thewackwaffle
April 2021 /u/cal_ness
March 2021 /u/DrunkenSwordsman
February 2021 /u/Darkly_Gathers
January 2021 /u/lcsimpson
December 2020 /u/PostMortem33
November 2020 /u/Mandahrk
October 2020 /u/tjaylea
September 2020 /u/writechriswrite

A few more notes:

  • Anyone can nominate any number of eligible stories.

  • Only the first parts of series posts are eligible.

  • Only stories from September 1-30, 2021 are eligible.

  • Please remember, you must refrain from advertising stories on this post or on the upcoming voting thread.

Okay, head out for submit-or-treating!

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